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DreamBot is very easy to use. All the details are here.

Launch BlueStack and Mcoc. If you are going to run for the first time in new arenas, first place the heroes you want to play in which arena. Select arena sorting by choosing opponent. After this process, run DrmBot application and login with user name and password.

Make your selections according to your preference and start DrmBot. DrmBot will do the rest. Below you can see our options and suggestions.


Primary Arena refers to the originally targeted arena. It is enough to select the slot number starting from the left of the area you are targeting. Available heroes will continue to earn points by making matches until they are depleted.


DrmBot will automatically detect and switch to Secondary arena when no heroes are available in the Primary Arena. He will fight here for a while and return to Primary Arenas. You can still earn points and prizes during the waiting period.


In Primary Arena, when the heroes are exhausted and switched to the secondary arena, they indicate how many matches they will make. You can choose from 1 to 10. You should consider two important situations in your selection. How many points do you want to score in the secondary arena? You should also consider the number of heroes you can use in the Primary arena. If you want to score more points in the second arena, you are advised to choose more number of matches. If your overall goal is to score points in the Primary arena and if you have enough heroes, you will increase the points you will collect in the Primary Arena when you choose the number of competitions below 4.


Special attack is the option when in the arena. You can select L1 / L2 / L3. The important point here is related to which arenas you play and the level of your heroes. L1 is generally not very effective and can be blocked, but can be used quickly. L2 is very effective, but again there is the risk of blocking. L3 is both very effective and has no risk of blocking. However, L3 may not be ready at the event and may cause the race to end without being used at all.

You can choose any of L1 / L2 and L3 special attacks based on the characteristics of your own heroes and the arena characteristics you participate in.


Start the DrmbBot by pressing the Start button and earn points. It is set to continuous operation until you stop.

You can press “F1” key to stop. After stopping, you can logout and close the DrmBot application. Remember, to close the program, you must stop the bot with “F1” and then logout.


If you want to stop DrmBot at any time, just press “F1” key. After pressing the “F1” key, DrmBot can continue to work for a short time. It will wait for the current function to finish.

If you want to turn off DrmBot, you have to press “Logout” button after stopping with “F1”.


Safe Mode is a feature we have developed to prevent your Kabam account from being online for a long time. It prevents you from taking Kabam’s attention. Kabam’s account does not prevent 100% from giving you a ban. Kabam applies criminal procedure by evaluating many criteria.

DrmBot is turned on for 90 minutes when this feature is activated. When 90 minutes are completed, MCOC and BlueStacks are automatically turned off and wait for 45 minutes. At the end of the 45 minutes, the BlueStacks and MCOC will automatically start playing the arena again. This process continues for 18 hours in the same way, after 18 hours this time enters a 4 hour standby mode.

Safe Mode which will not turn on the game for a long time and leave the computer open for a long time, should definitely be preferred.


Debug Mode allows you to keep a log in case of trouble while using DrmBot. These records are used to make sense of what the problem is. You can turn on this mode if you are having trouble using DrmBot. We can help you solve the problem by reviewing the log records.

Otherwise, you do not need to open this feature.

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